What to look for when buying a gaming PC

gaming pc

Gaming technology is one of the highest demand in the market. While gaming consoles such as PS4 or Xbox is ideal for your gaming needs, it’s relatively limited to what it can do. Many gamers have opted for a gaming PC as it is more powerful and reliable compared to gaming consoles and laptops. Gaming PCs also comes with a lot more variety of games and can be customised to however you want. If you’re on the hunt for a new gaming PC, it’s ideal to know what factors to look out for to suit your needs and preference. Below is a list of things you need to check.

Graphics card

As a gamer, you may already know that the graphics card is one of the most important element when looking at the specification of the PC. The graphics determine the speed and overall quality of your gaming experience. To get the best graphics, you should look out for mid-range graphics cards as they are likely to have the best performance compared to a lower range.


The processor plays hand in hand with the graphics card when it comes to gaming. It’s essential to find a balance between the graphics performance and the CPU processor. Processors can increase the performance of your gaming when it’s overclocked. If you want to avoid paying a high price for expensive chips you can instead buy a PC that has a pre-overclocked system to improve performance without spending too much.


A PC is not complete without a monitor, and for gamers, having a high-quality display will help maximise their gaming experience. There are different displays available for monitors, and with each screen, there are benefits and disadvantages. For example, an IPS based provides a better colour display along with a wider angle; however, the response time usually is slower. A TN based monitors are cheaper and are available in larger display with good contrast; however, it’s doesn’t have the quality as an IPS display.

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