The Ultimate Windows 10 Laptop/PC Buying Guide

What to consider when buying a laptop to run Windows 10

If you’re looking to replace your laptop or PC this year, and you’re sticking with the most popular operating system out there (Windows, of course), then you’ll want to find a machine that’s optimised for running Windows 10. Whatever your thoughts are on the latest Microsoft OS (which was first released a year ago now), most new computers will either come with it pre-installed or prompt you to upgrade to it immediately. Here’s your ultimate guide for what to consider when buying a new laptop or PC to run Windows 10.

1) Processor

Every single task your computer completes will require processing power. A good processor will make your experience feel more lightweight and quick, which is vital for anyone trying to complete serious work, and highly desirable for any user. The standard benchmark is now quad-core, so look for that as a minimum. Windows 10, when configured correctly, can run perfectly well at this level.

2) Graphics

Integrated graphics are still common in laptops, but full graphics cards are vastly superior on the whole. This is most relevant for gaming and other high-end visual software. A good mid-range Nvidia or AMD dedicated graphics card should be enough for most intermediate users on Windows 10.

3) Storage

Solid state drives are becoming increasingly popular, since they’re much faster and more reliable than traditional hard drives, which contain moving parts and are prone to damage over time. SSD storage will be smaller for the same price, however, and many new laptops with only SSD capacity may not have room for large collections of music or movies. Some PCs now come with small SSD sections where you can install your Windows 10 system, allowing it to boot up quickly, and then documents are stored on a traditional hard drive – a great compromise.

4) Screen

If you’re looking at a laptop or a PC with an external monitor, your requirements for display quality should be high either way. It’s not hard to find affordable screens that offer excellent resolution and depth, so don’t settle for something disappointing if you can avoid it. Windows 10 supports touch-screen control better than ever, but that doesn’t mean it’s of any practical use to most PC users, so only look at this on the best machines.

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