The Best Small Desktop PCs

Acer Revo One

It’s no longer necessary to go for a laptop if you want your computer to be compact and good value. Lots of people are finding that desktop PCs are far from redundant, especially with newer and more creative models being released every year by all the major manufacturers. In fact, there’s a growing new trend for small form-factor PCs at the bargain end of the market, especially among users with relatively simple requirements. Here are some of our top budget-friendly picks from the likes of Acer, Dell and Asus.

Dell Inspiron Micro

This miniature PC really is tiny, and it looks great despite being a little limited by its size. With a basic dual-core processor, 2GB of RAM and a total of 32GB storage, this Windows PC is entry-level in terms of performance by 2016 standards. That makes it ideal for someone who only needs entry-level, since simple tasks like browsing the internet are easy for this Dell, and it’s very affordable.

Acer Revo One

A small form-factor PC that packs a punch, this Acer model looks a bit like a mini fridge, but in reality it’s even cooler. Despite being extremely compact, it can store up to three hard drives inside which makes it ideal for storing and playing large media collections, or linking up to your home network as a file sharing system. It comes with 2TB of storage already, and runs Windows 10 perfectly on its Intel i3 processor and 4GB of RAM.

Asus Chromebox

A desktop version of a Chromebook, this tiny Asus model does away with Windows entirely to help maximise the performance of its average dual-core processor and modest 4GB of RAM. Creating documents, browsing online and streaming video are all easy tasks for this bargain PC, plus it comes with a mouse and keyboard despite its rock bottom RRP.

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