The Best Bargain Laptops For Under £300

For the majority of PC users, most laptops on the market right now are massively overpowered. The cutting edge features and high-performance components included in many mid-range and high-end laptops are simply overkill for what the average user wants, and although we appreciate most of the more advanced models and understand their purpose, you just don’t need them for day-to-day browsing and working.

It’s possible to pick up an absolute bargain if you’re looking for a simple, family-friendly laptop that gets the job done without a fuss, you just need to know which models offer the best value. Not every cheap laptop is up to scratch, and you might find some of them surprisingly lacklustre, but we know for a fact there are plenty of models on the market right now that offer superb value for money at a rock bottom price point.

For example, Lenovo’s Yoga 300 2-in-1 is currently available for about £200, an absolute bargain that kills two birds with one stone by functioning as both a laptop and a touchscreen tablet. It features an impressive five-hour battery life, over 11 inches of screen space and plenty of processor power and RAM to cope with everyday media use like streaming HD films. For an entry level model this one really offers great value, as the higher end Yoga models are a little on the pricey side. Another offering from Lenovo is the G50 15.6-inch Notebook, which comes in just under £300. This one is great if you’re keen on a traditional laptop design and want your device to handle a slightly more demanding workload than the Yoga 300 is comfortable with.

HP has always been a reliable source of bargain laptops with fun designs, and the HP Stream 11-inch model is no exception. Available in a choice of cool colours for less than £150, this super lightweight laptop is ideal for managing an average workload with Microsoft Office. For a slightly higher budget of around £270, you’ll be able to pick up the 15.6-inch HP Intel Pentium model instead, with the added benefits of a large 1TB hard drive, impressive eight-hour battery life and more than enough power for multi-tasking.

Our third favourite bargain brand of the moment is Acer, and you have a couple of options here too. For just under the £200 mark, the Aspire ES1 boasts a relatively large 14-inch screen, spacious 500GB HDD and plenty of ports to connect to your devices and accessories. If you’re working to an even tighter budget, look out for the Aspire ES1-131, a slightly smaller version with a lightning-fast 32GB solid state drive, Windows 10 operating system and all the basic features you could need. This Acer model normally comes in at around £160, but it’s recently been on offer for barely over £100 in several places which makes for an incredible bargain.


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