Essential MacBook Accessories in 2016

Twelve South PlugBug World Power Adapter

If you’re a MacBook owner, regardless of whether you go for the entry level model or the highest spec MacBook Pro, your laptop will almost certainly set you back a fair amount of money. Apple’s current range offers some great value for money options, but they’re all at the higher end of the market so as a MacBook user you really need to make sure you’re getting all the value you can out of your device. That’s where the accessories come in, since there are plenty of amazingly useful products on the market that can make your MacBook user experience even better. Here are some of our favourites for 2016.

Apple Magic Mouse 2

Magic Mouse

Even the best trackpads equipped with new technologies like Force Touch can be limiting to users when it comes to certain tasks. Apple’s own Magic Mouse 2 is an excellent substitute for the built-in trackpad on any MacBook, featuring a seamless multi-touch surface that allows you to click, tap, scroll and swipe through your tasks with ease. It charges quickly so you can use it wirelessly for hours at a time.

IRISCan Anywhere 3 WiFi Portable Scanner

This super-compact and lightweight scanner can be tucked out of sight on your desk or carried around as you work in different places. It’s the ultimate portable scanning device for documents, receipts and cards, images of which are captured and stored on a MicroSD card, plus you can send them straight to your MacBook over Wi-Fi.

OWC Envoy Pro EX 1TB

Apple are known to charge a high premium for larger disk space, so many MacBook users are limited by the space available on their hard drives, and even the 1TB options can be a little cramped if you deal with large media collections. The OWC Envoy Pro EX offers a great solution – it works just like any external hard drive, but it sits at a higher price point due to its incredible data transfer speed of over 400MB/second. This means you can keep it plugged in and use it as an extension of your built-in disk space with almost no discernible speed difference. The latest models go up to 1TB in size.

Nifty MiniDrive 128GB

If you like the concept of the OWC Envoy Pro EX but you don’t have the budget for one, or you need your solution to be more portable, the Nifty MiniDrive is for you. Originally funded on Kickstarter, this little gadget fits smoothly into the SD card slot on your MacBook – if you choose a colour that matches your laptop it’s effectively invisible. This will give you up to 128GB of extra space to take advantage of, which is significant if you’re working with a relatively small built-in SSD.

Twelve South PlugBug World Power Adapter

The PlugBug has been around for a few years and is still one of our favourite MacBook accessories. If you own multiple Apple devices, the PlugBug allows you to charge them simultaneously with just one plug socket. It replaces the top section of your MacBook charger with an element that includes a built-in USB power port, meaning your laptop and iPhone or iPad can be charged at the same time. It works with 10W of power so charge speed is great despite being split between two devices.

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