How to buy a battery replacement for your laptop


Laptop computers require a lot of power to run due to their portability. You may find that after using your laptop for a couple of years, the performance will start to decrease and eventually it may stop working. When this happens, you can easily replace your laptop battery with a new one to revive your laptop back. Don’t wait for the battery to die; instead, you should replace your laptop battery when you notice a difference in the overall performance. To find a battery replacement, follow our guideline below.

Laptop model

The first step is to find out your laptop’s brand and model. Each laptop brand has its type of battery, so it’s important to find the exact model of your laptop. Usually, you can find the model number on the back of your laptop. You can also take out the battery from the compartment and see if it has a label on it. Another method is accessing the system information on your laptop which should provide you with your laptop model. As a last resort, you can use an online tool which will help you determine what battery you need for your laptop.

Look online

Once you have the laptop model and the correct battery model, you can start and search for the battery replacement online. Most battery replacements can be purchased on the internet. You can use online shops such as Amazon or eBay. It’s essential to look for a brand new battery replacement and not a second-hand replacement. Once you found a match online, you should inspect and check the battery and see if it’s the same battery that you need. Look at the images carefully and check if the model numbers are the same. Once you have a thorough check and you can confirm it’s the exact battery replacement, then you can go ahead and make the purchase.

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The Ultimate Windows 10 Laptop/PC Buying Guide

What to consider when buying a laptop to run Windows 10

If you’re looking to replace your laptop or PC this year, and you’re sticking with the most popular operating system out there (Windows, of course), then you’ll want to find a machine that’s optimised for running Windows 10. Whatever your thoughts are on the latest Microsoft OS (which was first released a year ago now), most new computers will either come with it pre-installed or prompt you to upgrade to it immediately. Here’s your ultimate guide for what to consider when buying a new laptop or PC to run Windows 10.

1) Processor

Every single task your computer completes will require processing power. A good processor will make your experience feel more lightweight and quick, which is vital for anyone trying to complete serious work, and highly desirable for any user. The standard benchmark is now quad-core, so look for that as a minimum. Windows 10, when configured correctly, can run perfectly well at this level.

2) Graphics

Integrated graphics are still common in laptops, but full graphics cards are vastly superior on the whole. This is most relevant for gaming and other high-end visual software. A good mid-range Nvidia or AMD dedicated graphics card should be enough for most intermediate users on Windows 10.

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Essential MacBook Accessories in 2016

Twelve South PlugBug World Power Adapter

If you’re a MacBook owner, regardless of whether you go for the entry level model or the highest spec MacBook Pro, your laptop will almost certainly set you back a fair amount of money. Apple’s current range offers some great value for money options, but they’re all at the higher end of the market so as a MacBook user you really need to make sure you’re getting all the value you can out of your device. That’s where the accessories come in, since there are plenty of amazingly useful products on the market that can make your MacBook user experience even better. Here are some of our favourites for 2016.

Apple Magic Mouse 2

Magic Mouse

Even the best trackpads equipped with new technologies like Force Touch can be limiting to users when it comes to certain tasks. Apple’s own Magic Mouse 2 is an excellent substitute for the built-in trackpad on any MacBook, featuring a seamless multi-touch surface that allows you to click, tap, scroll and swipe through your tasks with ease. It charges quickly so you can use it wirelessly for hours at a time.

IRISCan Anywhere 3 WiFi Portable Scanner

This super-compact and lightweight scanner can be tucked out of sight on your desk or carried around as you work in different places. It’s the ultimate portable scanning device for documents, receipts and cards, images of which are captured and stored on a MicroSD card, plus you can send them straight to your MacBook over Wi-Fi.

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The Best Bargain Laptops For Under £300

For the majority of PC users, most laptops on the market right now are massively overpowered. The cutting edge features and high-performance components included in many mid-range and high-end laptops are simply overkill for what the average user wants, and although we appreciate most of the more advanced models and understand their purpose, you just don’t need them for day-to-day browsing and working.

It’s possible to pick up an absolute bargain if you’re looking for a simple, family-friendly laptop that gets the job done without a fuss, you just need to know which models offer the best value. Not every cheap laptop is up to scratch, and you might find some of them surprisingly lacklustre, but we know for a fact there are plenty of models on the market right now that offer superb value for money at a rock bottom price point.

For example, Lenovo’s Yoga 300 2-in-1 is currently available for about £200, an absolute bargain that kills two birds with one stone by functioning as both a laptop and a touchscreen tablet. It features an impressive five-hour battery life, over 11 inches of screen space and plenty of processor power and RAM to cope with everyday media use like streaming HD films. For an entry level model this one really offers great value, as the higher end Yoga models are a little on the pricey side. Another offering from Lenovo is the G50 15.6-inch Notebook, which comes in just under £300. This one is great if you’re keen on a traditional laptop design and want your device to handle a slightly more demanding workload than the Yoga 300 is comfortable with.

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Why 2-in-1 Laptops Are Finally Cool

The market for laptops has arguably reached something of a saturation point, and innovation in the field is becoming more subtle. This actually isn’t a bad thing by any means. For too long, new models with fancy and futuristic features struggled to actually meet the needs of users, sacrificing slick overall performance and solid reliability in favour of half-baked gimmicks and new solutions for problems that nobody ever really had in the first place. In recent years, the best laptops have focused on doing what we always needed laptops to do, but better. For example, last year the highly popular Dell XPS 13 showed everyone how to make an excellent laptop that does exactly what it’s designed to do.

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Top 6 Best Laptops for Gaming


PC gaming is several miles off their console counterparts, in the variety and depth of games and the high end graphics which computers can push. Just like desktops, laptops are capable of offering a world class gaming experience, with some laptop models having the capability to push some games to an incredible 4K resolution. There are several kinds of gaming laptops that can guarantee you a high level of convenience and portability. Here are six best laptops for gaming.

1. Aorus X3 Plus v3


This is a high resolution gaming laptop that’s hard to beat. It offers pleasant surprises with its GDDR5 video RAM and a 6GB graphics card packing. The 14 inch laptop allows you play your entire range of games to full resolution with half the memory. This means that graphic heavy games can never be a problem for you.

2. Origin EON15-X


This is a fantastic gaming laptop, a head turner that packs massive desktop capabilities in a 15.6 inch laptop. It’s smaller, but offers a fantastic performance when compared to other hardcore gaming-rigs. The extra CPU power is a great addition for users who want to do processor intensive tasks. Regardless of the game that you are running, the super fast performance will come handy.

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Why we should all buy refurbished laptops

Refurbished Laptops

It is strange that in today’s modern world that there is still a stigma attached to buying refurbished laptops. Why is this? Many individuals turn their noses up at them, simply because they are not new, but we need to get past this.

Refurbished laptops need to be embraced and accepted within the technological world, as they are cheaper and have a purpose to serve.

What is really important to note is that refurbished and ‘used’ are two totally different things. ‘Used’ means that the laptop will have been used for a considerable length of time. Refurbished however means that for one reason or another, the laptop was returned to the seller and can no longer be sold as ‘new.

Below we will list the many advantages of buying refurbished laptops and why everyone should consider doing so.

A wider choice

Refurbished laptops are widely available from a variety of different sources. The likes of Amazon, and technology websites such as ITC Sales (a registered Dell Premier partner) have a range of factory refurbished laptops for sale. Therefore there is a wide variety of makes and models to choose from, at a price to suit everyone.

Refurbished laptops are practically new and cheaper.

As already stated refurbished laptops are not old or used, in fact in most cases they are practically new. Therefore you get a practically new laptop at a much discounted price. In most cases you can save up to 30 percent of the equivelent new price tag. This is simply because it cannot be sold as a ‘new’ product.


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What To Look For When Purchasing a laptop

laptop size

Are you are confused by the procedure of purchasing a laptop? Are you wondering what to look for when buying a laptop? The information below will guide you on the key aspects to look for when purchasing a laptop.


To begin figure the purpose for which you will be using the laptop and the recurrence of utilization. If you will be using your laptop regularly, then it is vital that you purchase one that gives you the outmost ease and solace in usage. Essential ergonomics would let you know that the laptop disregards the rule which states that the keyboard and the screen ought to be isolated to counteract inconvenience and pain in the wrist and the neck area

Go for solace other than the color and the outline when looking for a laptop. It is ideal to use a different mouse than to rely on upon the tracking knob or pointer that comes with many laptops as a substitute for a mouse. This way you have more space and room to move your hands when typing or clicking on objects on the screen.


The capacity to connect with other devices through your laptop is something else to look when purchasing a laptop. Connectivity is an issue on the grounds that connection updates for a laptop is not a simple deed because laptops are made with a basic outline as compared with desktops. The thing to check for is the accessibility of wireless networking capabilities.

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Does Laptop Size Matter? Things to Consider While Choosing a Laptop

laptop size

Ever since the launch of laptops, their sizes have been viewed as a noteworthy issue in deciding target clients. Presently, laptops are being offered in distinctive sizes that are meant for different purposes and clients. The laptop market today is loaded with devices measuring 2.5 pounds to 10 pounds or considerably more. When you sign on to any online laptop store or you visit a retail store, a variety of laptops as far as their sizes and outline may astound you.

Many people wonder of laptop size- does it matter?

Size is the main consideration for most clients, particularly because of portability. Obviously there are other things that ought to be considered when you are considering acquiring one. The other things that you have to look include the weight, the battery, specifications, connectivity and support.

Size and weight is essential when looking for a laptop. As they are utilized basically by individuals who are moving around they should be suitable. Something light is the best choice for any individual who moves around with their laptop a lot.

To what extent the battery lasts ought to additionally looked at when you are looking a laptop. A long life battery is great as laptops are normally utilized in different places. Some laptops have been made in a manner that you have the capacity to add on an extra battery for more life. This would be useful for those individuals who work on their laptops in places without a power supply.

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How to find the right laptop for your work

laptops for work


Your choice of work or business laptop, if you are not going to compromise, should be the kind that presents to you ease of use with readily accessible and comprehensive interface. You might also want to look out for one that is compact enough to ensure comfort in mobility. The kind of work you want the laptop for, should also determine the storage size to opt for. On the contrary, irrespective of your work type, processing speed is something indispensable. You are certainly going to need a fast working laptop to boost your productive performance. I wouldn’t want to go into the debate of as to which brand to buy from, but I am certain that this blog, inform you to make a decisive work laptop purchasing decision.


The display features should create an environment, comfortable enough for you to work on office applications like Word, Excel, you name it. If I am talking about comfort in work environment, then I should recommend for you a laptop of at least a 12-inch display, but for the maximum screen size, I think that should be relative to pixel resolution and user preference, as it will allow for simplicity in mobility per work type. However, a 12-incher with a 2160 x 1440-pixel resolution say, is reasonable and moderate enough to present a blend of easy mobility and larger working space.

work laptop

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