Must Know Laptop Maintenance Tips

taking care for laptop

When it comes to taking care of a laptop, there is more than just dusting the keyboard and cleaning the screen. Taking care of your laptop can be a difficult task. Here are some important tips to help your laptop enjoy a healthier and happier lifestyle:

· Play it Cool. Just like other electronics, a laptop also generates a lot of heat, particularly when it’s running the up-to-date high-power software. You risk damaging your laptop’s internal circuitry if you allow it to generate too much heat. To prevent this damage, ensure you keep your computer in a cool and well-ventilated environment. Also, remember not to block the fan grills on the back, side, or the bottom of the laptop at any time.

· Handle the Screen Cautiously. Avoid playing with or touching the LCD screen of your laptop. Yes, sometimes it might be fun to see the waves being produced when you touch the LCD screen. However, the LCD screen is a fragile screen that should be cared for no matter what it entails. When cleaning the screen do not use any cleaning material that is approved. When you are cleaning the keyboard, use an old clean toothbrush. You do not want to spend money on repairing the screen, or even worse buying a new laptop entirely.

· Don’t Drop it. Do not drop your laptop computer no matter what. When moving around or travelling, the laptop should be safely kept in a carrying case. Also, do not leave your laptop in any unstable support or on the edge of the table because in case it falls that might be the death of your precious laptop. Check to see if the rubber feet underneath the laptop are still attached and are in good condition. The rubber feet are meant to prevent the laptop from sliding around accidentally.

· Say no to Viruses. To protect your computer from viruses, ensure that you obtain an anti-virus software. Secondly, keep the anti-virus updated. If you install an anti-virus, and you do not update it for the next three months you could expose your computer to hundreds of viruses every month. If you’re too busy to remember to update the anti-virus manually, use the automatic update option that is available in most anti-viruses.

· Use a Firewall. Always have a firewall on your network or internet-enabled laptop computer. Blocking all the unwanted port and also closing all the potential loopholes will prevent a virus or hacker from interfering with your hard drive.

· Power. Do not leave your laptop plugged in after its battery is fully charged, since it will have a negative effect on the overall lifespan of your vehicle. Shut down your laptop if you are not going to use it for more than two hours.

· Avoid Popups. Popups are very annoying, especially when you are using a laptop computer. These popups are can expose your laptops to viruses. To prevent these pop-up ads use a pop-up blocker.

Finally, there you go. Use all the above tactics to keep your laptop a reliable tool for a long time.

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